How to ace a data science interview

So, you want to get into data science? It’s a tough industry, whether you’re going for the entry level job or the top paying job. When you’re entering the main thing, the employer wants to see is experience, and without it, it’s a tough game, but with some effort you can score yourself that dream job.

Too start with it is vital that you understand the different data science roles and understand how these roles actually fit into the hiring company. If you don’t have this knowledge take your time to research, so that when it comes to the big day, your questions and responses sound professional, as well as relevant to the job. After all you don’t want to sound like every other candidate who failed to put in the effort and research time. Once you understand these roles and maybe even pinpoint some roles you’re interested in, it is vital that you take the time to investigate the skills that the role requires. Ensuring that you’re well equipped with these skills before you step foot into the interview for your potential job. Finally make sure you talk to someone with experience in your desired data science role, this way you can fully understand both the good and bad of the position.

Once you recognize the roles within the data science industry and are accustomed with the skills required for the position, you can move on to the formalities of acing that interview. Within, the data science community, employers look for people with notoriety, wanting to know as much about their potential employees as possible. Therefore, it is vital that you build an online presence, which is a simple process given the technology we’re blessed with.

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 I’m sure you’ve all heard of  LinkedIn, and if not to put it simply it’s a social media platform for professionals, and it’s a perfect way to start building your online presence. However, make sure you create an online presence before you even start applying for your data science jobs, because if you don’t have enough clout these platforms are useless at boosting your career chances.

If you complete these steps then the path isn’t too hard, you have your online presence and data science knowledge under your belt, so it’s time to apply. Just like any other job its time to make your resume and submit it to your potential employers. Though when your creating your resume don’t overfill it with irrelevant achievements and skills -this can be the downfall for many candidates ( in the case of resumes less is usually more).

On submission of your resume, all that’s left to do is wait for a response and if your accepted to the next stage, that’s where all your long, hard research comes in. You’ll be required to complete a telephone screening and interview, which are all about sounding professional and proposing ideas that display knowledge within the field. Additionally, most companies will provide an assignment, so make sure you take it seriously and put a good amount of time into it, if you wish to snag that job.

If you follow this advice and equip yourself with the necessary data science skills, then I’m sure you’ll pass your next interview in flying colors and finally be able to start your career in data science. Good Luck!

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